7.3KW – *EVA-07S-S-SE RFID – *EVA-07S-SE RFID 4G

Feature Packed

Single Phase Power

EV AC Charging Station (Single-phase)

5 Year Warranty

Your charger will come with a 5 year warranty Included

OLEV approved

Project EV is fully OLEV accredited and 18th Edition Compliant

Free Monitoring App

See more app details below

Lockable gun socket

Owners may use the app to permanently lock the EV charging cable into the charger

Wifi & LAN Built in

Every unit has built in WiFi and LAN Ethernet port connection as standard for simple connectivity

Compact Design

Attractive appearance, A4 print paper size, simple but elegant

Full Protection

Full electrical protection, RCD, over/under voltage & temperature protection, Short-Circuit, Earth Leakage and Lightning protection

Easy to Install

Wall-mounting or pole-mounting optional

European Standard

IEC 62196 Type II connector


Built for outdoor use. IP65 protection grade, suitable for harsh environmental conditions


Intelligent power adjustment, emergency stop, Wifi/APP/ethernet monitoring

Solar Compatible

All of our EV chargers are solar compatible and can be used in conjunction with existing solar installations

Time Shifting

You could save 100’s per year by utilising off peak energy tariffs to charge your vehicle

RFID Function

RFID Functionality for touch and charge

The Project EV Smart EV App for all of our Chargers

Charging inventory list for one or multiple vehicles

• Securely authorise another person to use

• Manage and add multiple charge points to one master account

• Set times for charging your car at different electricity rates for example – Economy 7, Solar production peak times, Time of use tariffs

• Remote control – turn the EV charger on or off via your smart devices


Customer service centre

For all product enquiries please speak to our customer service centre

+44 (0)1865 682 584