Ideal for small roofs
Sleek, black aestetics
Product warranty
Performance warranty

Perlight 54 cell Delta 295W

Ideal for Small Roofs

The 54-cell Triple-Black Delta is ideal for UK roofs due to its compact design that allows more panels to be installed in tighter spaces to maximise the solar potential of every roof.

The bigger and more powerful module size is not always ideal for shorter UK roofs that usually cannot fit more than one row in portrait.

The Perlight Delta 295W is designed with this in mind. This high-efficiency panel is only 1504 x 1002 mm which makes it possible to cover a larger area and achieve a higher system output for short roofs.

Beautiful triple black panels

The Perlight Delta 295W features black busbars that are invisible on the surface of the black panel. Black busbars create a more minimalistic uniform black aesthetic than standard solar panels with visible white lines.

Even from a short distance, the triple black aesthetic of the Delta 295W is stunningly homogenous black.

The Perlight Delta is a premium panel choice for aesthetics, quality, and high performance.

30-year warranty

Crafted with precision and expert skill, the Delta 295W offers outstanding build quality and reliability.

Perlight’s 30-year limited product warranty and 30-year performance warranty guarantee a long-lasting product and an increased value for the price.


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