Smart ready
Low cost upgrades
Passive emitter rear cell tech
12 years
Product warranty
25 years
Performance warranty

Poly Black Series

Available in: 60 & 72 Cells

Perlight Polycrystalline Series offers the most cost-effective and versatile solar solution. Ideal for all applications from residential to commercial and industrial environments. Available in three styles to suit a wide variety of surroundings. Crafted with precision and expert skill, the Polycrystalline Series offers outstanding build quality and reliability from a trusted, high-quality manufacturer. Smart-Ready as standard, each module is equipped to deliver the latest advanced Smart technology thanks to its integrated Tigo TS4 junction box with Smart Module upgrade capability for real-time individual module monitoring, optimised performance for shade effected arrays and advanced safety functions.

Powered By Tigo

Tigo smart ready - as standard

All of Perlight’s PV modules come with the
Tigo TS4 Junction box

  • Cooler running temperature
  • Field-replaceable diode cover
  • Upgradeable to add functionality

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