Sandtoft in-roof solar

Elegant solar tiles that take integration to a new level without sacrificing performance or reliability. The in-roof solar is designed to overcome the most common problems residential solar installations face.

In-roof solar looks excellent with both modern and traditional building designs. The roof-integrated solar system also reduces the number of tiles and wooden battens required, which is especially important for new-build projects.

With installers and suppliers also in mind, the Sandtoft in-roof solar is made for easier and faster installation and safe handling while reducing damages and difficulties of transportation and even storage, leaving a smaller footprint.

Why Choose Sandtoft in-roof solar?


A stunning-looking, integrated solar panel system that forms part of the roof.


With one module weighing only 8.95 kg, the in-roof solar is easier to handle and install.


As the in-roof solar functions as the roof, builders can save the cost of tiles and solar railing.

Reduced Maintenance

Integrated solar is more reliable than an on-roof system, it has better wind resistance, and there is no need to clean the gap between the solar panels and the roof tiles.


The Sandtoft in-roof system is designed to be compatible with and look great with all roof tile types.

Ideal for New Builds

New builds can benefit the most from the in-roof solar, reducing the roof’s overall cost while meeting the requirements of the existing Part L legislation and the Future Homes Standard.

Quick and Easy Installation

The compact size, low weight and interlocking design of the panels all contribute to a faster installation speed. It takes only one minute to install one panel.

Environmental Benefits

In addition to the advantages of solar energy, minimising the number of tiles used also reduces the roof’s overall environmental footprint.

Wind Resistance

Higher wind resistance than regular solar panels mounted on the roof.

For Residential and Commercial Buildings

Both households and businesses can benefit from the in-roof solar system’s stunning looks and energy-saving measures.

Simple Solar Roofing System

Sandtoft in-roof solar kit is designed for weather-tightness and easy installation while maximising solar energy output.
The aluminium flashing interlocks together; there is no need for any adhesives or plastics that can suffer degradation over time.

1. Aluminium flashing top (left, middle, right)

2. Seal strip 01

3. Aluminium flashing side (left & right)

4. Seal strip 02

5. IRT Panels (left, middle, right)

6. Mid-clamp (right & left)

7. Bottom edge

8. Aluminium flashing bottom (left, middle, right)

9. Self tapping screws

10. Lead replacement

Easy & Fast Installation

The quick and straightforward installation sets the in-roof solar system apart from its competition. One panel is installed in under one minute. See the installataion video below.


15 Year Product Warranty

25 Year Performance Warranty

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