Next generation solar.Tigo integrated perlight smart module

Perlight Smart PV Modules are powered by the advanced & unique Tigo TS4 junction box. What makes a Smart module better than a standard panel?

Maximise system performance & mitigate effect of shaded conditions and module mismatch


Arc-fault & over-temperature detection, self-diagnostics and rapid shutdown built-in that will power-down the array in an emergency situation on-site such as a fire in the building to protect fire fighters and others by isolating the PV module at the junction box. * Requires CCA


See the performance of every panel live and scroll back through the days and months to ensure each panel is performing well and pinpoint any issues instantly using the smart-phone app or website portal. * Requires CCA

Inter-changeable covers

Simply swap the junction box cover to replace diode covers or upgrade to different functionalities using the Tigo Key tool at any point during the smart module’s lifetime.

Felxible, tailored solution

Only add the functionality you need and keep to budget. Mix and match to meet specific site needs cost-effectively and upgrade at any time during the life of the smart module to adapt to any changes in site conditions. Tigo TS4 covers are approved by all major inverter manufacturers, giving you the freedom to use your inverter of choice.

Diode Cover (Smart-Ready):

Standard PV modules

Monitoring Cover:

Monitoring Only

Safety Cover:

Safety & Monitoring

Optimisation Cover:

Optimisation, Safety & Monitoring

New – TS4-F Cover:

Only need a fire safety function with Power Line Communication?

The TS4-F provides basic fire safety equivalent to TS4-S but uses Power Line Communication.

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(Includes safety and monitoring)


(Includes monitoring)







The SMART App works for both installers and system owners. Design, lay-out, configure, commission, and monitor your PV system in five minutes from your mobile device. This app enables you to interface directly with Tigo’s CCA software via an automatic WiFi Bluetooth Connection. Select from more than 2,000 inverter types or add your own to the app. PV installers can fully configure Tigo systems, scan barcodes from a mobile device, troubleshoot system issues on-site. For owners the app offers simple & instant access to live and historic module and system data.

Tigo SMART Website with Reclaimed Energy

Tigo’s SMART website gives access to module-level online monitoring that can manage all sizes of system from residential, commercial up to utility-scale. This software provides system owners with unprecedented visibility into module-level performance. System analytics, power production, system alerts and proactively suggest maintenance actions to keep systems operating at maximum efficiency.

Tigo customers utilising the monitoring capabilities of the SMART website can see the Reclaimed energy recovered by Tigo’s TS4 optimizers. See the amount of extra kWh that a PV system with TS4 has harvested. Calculate the ROI and enjoy the benefits of solar investments by year, month, day, hour, or minute!

Communications - Tigo Skill with Amazon Alexa

Tigo customers receive the benefits of Amazon’s Alexa™ technology available on Amazon’s Echo™ and other Alexa-enabled products when monitoring their PV systems. This “Tigo skill” integration allows English and German speaking Tigo customers to use their voice to ask about the production or other information of their PV system collected by Tigo’s SMART website. Tigo residential and commercial customers with monitored solar arrays can talk to Alexa, the cloud-based voice service by Amazon, using the Tigo skill. For example, simply saying “Alexa, ask Tigo how much my PV system produced today,” can report a day’s worth of power without the need to log-in to Tigo’s SMART website. Other voice commands include: Alexa, ask Tigo...
What is my [Daily/Monthly/Yearly] Production Summary?
What is my System Total Production Summary?
What is my [Average/Peak] Energy Production?
What is an optimizer?
Tell me about Tigo.



Tigo’s Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) enables valuable insight to collected and transmitted data for real-time analysis. The CCA is part of Tigo’s SMART communication platform which is supported by all major inverter and module manufacturers worldwide. The CCA works with Tigo’s TAP to enable Monitoring & Safety functions. The CCA connects to the internet via Ethernet or Zigbee Wifi options. Each CCA supports up to 900 TS4 units & 7 TAPs.


The Tigo Access Point (TAP) improves the data management of your solar system through seamless communication with Tigo Smart modules and retrofit devices. Combined with a Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA), the TAP offers unsurpassed insights into your solar system. The TAP is installed with the PV modules conveniently and easily clipping to the back of the module frame. Each TAP communicates directly with up to 300 TS4 units using Mesh communication.


Mesh is a communication architecture that allows each TS4 unit to act as a relay station for signals in a solar array, extending the wireless range of Tigo’s communication up to a 35m (115ft) diameter. Mesh allows data collection from up to 300 TS4 units per TAP (~100kW systems) and up to 900 TS4 units (~300kW systems) using a single CCA. Mesh supports multiple communication paths between TS4 units to minimize packet loss, improve data integrity, and increase reliability at high speed. Mesh allows communications to easily bypass roof or ground-mount obstructions and uses intelligent communication paths responsive to difficult layouts.

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