• Improve panel and system performance
• Mitigate the impact of shading on panel performance
• Optimise selectively or deploy fully Smart system
• Use any inverter
• Monitor and analyse panel performance
• Increase system safety and control
• Free monitoring application – Amazon Alexa compatible

Next-generation smart module & optimisation technology for the solar industry.

Tigo products provide customers with a cost-effective solution to reduce issues caused by shading, increasing performance and return on investment.

Perlight Smart PV Modules are powered by the advanced & unique Tigo TS4 junction box. Tigo TS4-A Retrofit Add-Ons simply clip to the frame of standard PV modules and connect to the + & – connectors to improve performance, offer advanced safety and provide live module-level data & diagnostics.
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Optimisation function is available as an integrated module junction box (TS4-O) or as an add-on/retro-fit unit (TS4-A-O). Suitable for design using unequal string lengths, mixed orientations, or areas of mismatch and can be installed in shaded areas with a reduced setback ratio.

Go for full deployment with Module-Level Monitoring & Safety on every panel by installing the CCA kit


Optimise only where needed, with selective deployment.

  • Shade and mismatch tolerance
  • Maximised roof usage
  • Greater design flexibility
  • Enhanced energy yield
  • Plus all the benefits of Safety and Monitoring when used with CCA Kit with TAP

The TS4-O and TS4-A-O can be deployed without communication and monitoring accessories to offer plug and play Optimisation to individual panels.

Download the Manual for full details
NEC 2014, 2017, 2020 690.12 rapid shutdown compliant



Safety function is available as an integrated module junction box (TS4-S) or as an add-on/retro-fit unit (TS4-A-S).

  • Automatic or manual shutdown
  • Module-level deactivation
  • Plus all the benefits of Monitoring (TS4-M)
  • NEC 2014, 2017, 2020 690.12 rapid shutdown compliant
  • Requires CCA Kit with TAP

This UL-certified Rapid Shutdown solution works with almost all modules & inverters to comply with NEC 2014, 2017, and 2020.

Ts4-f fire safety


A new stand-alone Rapid Shutdown solution for Fire Safety

Fire Safety function is available as an integrated module junction box (TS4-F), an add-on/retro-fit unit for a single module (TS4-A-F), or an add-on/retro-fit unit for two modules (TS4-A-2F).

UL-certified Rapid Shutdown solution that works with most modules & inverters to comply with NEC 2014, 2017, and 2020.

  • Automatic or manual shutdown
  • Module-level deactivation
  • Power line communication (PLC) for rapid shutdown control
  • NEC 2014, 2017, 2020 and 690.12 rapid shutdown compliant when used with RSS Transmitter


Remotely monitor performance and pin-point issues.
Monitoring function is available as an integrated module junction box (TS4-M) or as an add-on/retro-fit unit (TS4-A-M).

View module-level monitoring data through Tigo’s SMART Website & App. Monitor multiple systems. Remotely detect and diagnose performance issues. Upgrade your Free monitoring subscription to Premium for even more data visibility. Alert notifications enable you to proactively intervene early and maximise system uptime.

  • Easily track system and module performance
  • Reduced O&M costs
  • CRM integration
  • Fleet management
  • Requires CCA Kit with TAP

Rapid shutdown with monitoring accessories

Cca outdoor & indoor kits

The CCA Indoor Kit includes one CCA and TAP.

The CCA Outdoor Kit includes one CCA, one TAP, and an IP68-rated outdoor enclosure.

Mount the CCA on the included DIN rail with plenty of room to spare for cables and even a revenue-grade AC meter.

Cloud connect advanced (cca)

One of the smallest solar data loggers on the planet.

Tigo’s Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) enables valuable insight into module and system data for real-time analysis. The CCA is part of Tigo’s SMART communication platform which is supported by allmajor inverter manufacturers worldwide.

  • Enables immediate access to system data for installers and end users
  • Enables internet connection via Ethernet or ZigBee Wi-Fi
  • Optional cellular connectivity for remote locations
  • Connect up to 900 TS4 units
  • Connect up to seven TAP units per CCA
  • Configure and commission with Tigo SMART app
  • Monitor 3rd party devices via Modbus

This UL-certified Rapid Shutdown solution works with almost all modules & inverters to comply with NEC 2014, 2017, and 2020.

Tigo access point (tap)

Tigo access point (tap)

Seamless data management and communication with Tigo Smart modules and retrofit devices.

The Tigo Access Point (TAP) significantly improves the level of security at module-level deactivation thanks to its utilisation of wireless mesh technology.

Place the TAP on the back of one of the modules within the array. The TAP will communicate wirelessly with every TS4 unit within a 35 meter radius.

  • Communicate directly with up to 300 TS4 units
  • Wireless mesh communication
  • Easily clips to the module frame without tools

Ts4-f fire safety rapid shutdown accessories

Rapid shutdown system (rss)

Rss transmitter

Tigo’s RSS Transmitter completes the cost-effective RSS architecture when paired with Tigo’s Fire Safety solutions – including the TS4-F (integrated), TS4-A-F (add-on) and TS4-A-2F (add-on for two modules) units.

The RSS Transmitter sends a signal to the TS4-F units to keep PV modules connected while powered on and supplying energy. TS4-F units automatically enter rapid shutdown mode when the RSS Transmitter is switched off and resume energy production when power is restored to the RSS Transmitter. This solution complies with NEC 2014, 2017, and 2020 690.12 specifications utilizing power-line communication (PLC). Highlights of the RSS Transmitter include:

  • Module-level deactivation with automatic or manual shutdown
  • Available for integrated and retrofitted/add-on PV installations
  • Easy installation, no commissioning process is required
  • Compatible with many UL-listed residential & commercial inverters
  • Compatible with SunSpec signalling
Rss signal detector

Handheld, failsafe tool

Tigo’s RSS Signal Detector is a functionality testing device for sensing the power-line communication (PLC) signal from Tigo’s RSS Transmitter to Tigo’s Fire Safety solutions – including the TS4-F (integrated), TS4-A-F (add-on/retro-fit) and TS4-A-2F (add-on/retro-fit for two modules) units. The RSS Signal Detector is used during installations to verify TS4-F units are receiving the RSS keep-alive signal from the RSS Transmitter. This handheld, failsafe tool also allows PV installers to confirm the PV system is compliant with NEC 2014, 2017, and 2020 690.12 rapid shutdown specifications where applicable.

Tigo smart website with reclaimed energy

Tigo’s SMART website is a module-level monitoring system that manages utility, commercial, and residential PV systems. This software provides system owners with unprecedented visibility into module-level performance. System analytics, track production, send alerts, and proactively suggest maintenance actions to keep systems operating at maximum efficiency.

Reclaimed Energy

Tigo customers utilising the monitoring capabilities of the SMART website can see the Reclaimed energy recovered by Tigo’s TS4 optimizers. Reclaimed is the amount of extra kilowatt-hours that a PV system with TS4 has harvested. The new feature is displayed with the Total Energy on system owners’ online monitoring portals. Calculate the ROI and enjoy the benefits of solar investments by year, month, day, hour, or minute!

Tigo smart app

Tigo smart app

Tigo’s SMART App is the most powerful asset management and commissioning solution for your Smart Solar PV System. Design, lay out, configure, commission, and monitor your PV system in five minutes from your mobile device. This app enables you to interface directly with Tigo’s Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) software via an automatic Wi-Fi Bluetooth Connection. Select from more than 2,000 inverter types or add your own on the SMART App. PV installers can fully configure Tigo systems, scan barcodes from a mobile device, troubleshoot system issues on-site, and much more.

Tigo skill with amazon alexa

Tigo customers receive the benefits of Amazon’s Alexa™ technology available on Amazon’s Echo™ and other Alexa-enabled products when monitoring their PV systems. This “Tigo skill” integration allows English- and German-speaking Tigo customers to use their voice to inquire about the production or other information about their PV system collected by Tigo’s SMART website. Tigo residential and commercial customers with monitored solar arrays can talk to Alexa, the cloud-based voice service by Amazon, using the Tigo skill which responds with context-aware actions. For example, simply saying “Alexa, ask Tigo how much my PV system produced today,” can report a day’s worth of power without the need to log in to Tigo’s SMART website. Other voice commands include: Alexa, ask Tigo.

  • what is my [Daily/Monthly/Yearly] Production Summary?
  • what is my System Total Production Summary?
  • what is my [Average/Peak] Energy Production?
  • what is an optimiser?
  • tell me about Tigo.

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